Fashionable knitted scarf shawl, a versatile fashion item for elegant ladies

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Of course, thick and fashionable shawls and scarves are indispensable in the autumn and winter weather! Shoulder fold knots are suitable for rectangular shapes, and are characterized by practicality and warmth; double-layer back neck knots, a natural and smooth fashion sense. The versatile scarf shawl is always particularly popular with the public. Here are a few of them!

   Thin Korean version of wild wool scarf shawl dual-use

   selects Australian lamb wool from April to May. It is softer to the touch and silky, with a better texture. The edges and tassels have a smooth texture, making it easier to shape and not easy to open. The plain weave is woven with warp and weft, and the appearance is tight and not easy to hook. The large-format and versatile shape can be used as a scarf and shawl.

  Silk shawl scarf dual-use mulberry silk silk scarf

   Double-sided design silk silk scarves, physical sun protection is simple and effective, air-conditioned shawls are cool in summer and heat insulation, autumn and winter decorations keep warm, shawls and scarves are multifunctional.

   300g thick lamb wool shawl, warm and moisture-proof, constant temperature and comfortable, giving you a skin-like fluffy feeling. 100% Inner Mongolia high-quality wool, reliable warmth, and multi-function function of large-size scarf and shawl.

   Korean version of double-sided plaid shawl thick knitted scarf

   British style design, warm and generous, using twill craftsmanship, the scarf is tighter and softer, large sizes can be used as shawls in spring and summer, and as a scarf in autumn and winter to keep warm, it can be used as a scarf and shawl.

   Natural silk is breathable and comfortable, preferably 6A quality mulberry silk, two materials, silk + gold and silver silk or silk + cotton are optional, the fabric is firm and not soft and easy to shape, fluffy and shiny, strong and hard.

  Korean scarf shawl dual-use thickened warmth all-match fleece scarf

   The beautiful use of classic tassels on the show, concise and generous. The widened and enlarged size has better warmth retention. The split design avoids the bloated feeling caused by the pile of conventional scarves on the neck, allowing warmth and beauty.

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