How to wear a big shawl to look good?

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With big shawls,

There are all possible combinations.

It can be elegant and dignified, and it can be small;

Able to dress freely and fearlessly, but also sexy and smart;

She is a gentle and dignified talented woman in the Republic of China,

She is also a woman of the modern era who is bright and blatant.

Hipster hiding in big shawl

Always soft and chic.

Fashionable people hand over the entanglements of the seasons to the shawl.

Wear it as a jacket to keep it warm and windy;

Draped over a slim sweater,

Used to modify the imperfect body shape.


Out of the free and easy atmosphere

Simple atmosphere: shawl as a jacket

Large shawls made of woolen fabric are most suitable as cloaks.

The thick woolen cloth presents a full texture on the flowing drape,

Especially suitable for wearing in the cold and boring season.

Warm and full of chic and free atmosphere.

Warm and thick,

A cape-style shawl that serves as a battle suit

The fabric is generally thick woolen cloth or thick knitted fabric.

It can be worn directly as a jacket.


Wear cool yuppie style

Handsome way to wear: cloak

The beauty of the big shawl lies in its comfort,

In daily wear, jeans, sweater coats, leather jackets and other items can be used to awaken the rock and roll style of big shawls.

When matching, the same color can be used to create a sense of luxury,

You can also use the texture or color conflict to create a sense of hierarchy.

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