Light brown knitted shawl, intellectual and elegant daily wear, sexy and low-key fashion

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There seem to be many strange and sexy ways to wear sweaters this year. These ways of wearing clothes not only increase the fashion sense of the clothes, but also increase the utilization rate of the clothes, which can effectively realize multiple clothes.

Treating knitwear as a shawl is a unique way of wearing knitwear. This matching method is embellished with knitwear, which can increase the layering of wearing, and can be taken off and worn directly if necessary. This way of wearing is very suitable for seasons with large temperature differences, which is both western and practical. But when the sweater is used as a small shawl, it is necessary to consider its fit with the overall wear, at least to ensure the harmony of colors. Like this young lady, the matching is very harmonious, and the shawl and the overall color are also very harmonious.

This set is mainly light coffee color, but also has its own low-key and advanced attributes, and it is also a very versatile and fashionable color. A simple pair of shorts can match a fashionable and lively style. The shawl used in this dress is light brown with spots, which looks a bit thick and gives people a warm feeling. The design sense of this suit is also well enhanced by the beige and brown style patterns, which makes the color matching of the clothes look richer and changeable, reducing the boring and dull atmosphere brought by wearing the same color system.

Compared to a heavy shawl, wearing this close-fitting light brown dress is obviously lighter and thinner. The fabric of the clothes is also very soft, visible to the naked eye, and the outline of the upper body is very clear. The extra-long sleeve design makes the arms look longer and slimmer, so it will naturally have a slimming effect when worn on the body, and it can also make the temperament more dignified and elegant. The looseness on the outside and the tightness on the inside can accentuate the layering of wearing, and will not give people the impression of messy and untidy. It should be noted that when we wear long-sleeved clothes, it is best not to wear jewelry such as bracelets and watches. Hanging directly outside the clothes not only destroys the smooth lines of the clothes themselves, but also gives people a sloppy impression.

The pants that match the lower body are low-key eye-catching gray-blue jeans with holes, which look light and casual without lacking a sense of fashion. A waistband with metal buttons is added to the waist to fix it on the decoration to increase the richness of matching colors.

It is worth noting that this set of colors echoes up and down, and the shoes also choose small beige short boots. Boots are very close to the body and look very close to the legs, so the legs can be perfectly extended visually, making the legs look longer. Beige shoes can also make the overall temperament more elegant.

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