The knitting revolution of fashion

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Successive fashion shows, crowded trade fairs, countless media reports, overwhelming thematic events... Since the establishment of Shanghai Fashion Week in 2003, this metropolis that has witnessed China’s modernization process has become It is a window for us to touch the local fashion style and wait and see the progress of the industry. In the spring and autumn seasons, fashion editors will rush to Shanghai non-stop, rushing between the various shows; at the same time, buyers bring the latest feedback from the market to the booth of their favorite brand, a buyer's shop that serves themselves Win the foolproof goods with consumers; in the backstage of the gorgeous show, the designer tensed his nerves and made the final adjustments to the clothes on the models; the audience in front of the stage was eagerly looking forward to the new series that had never come out—— When everyone "participates in a grand event" during Fashion Week, this scene has jointly shaped China's fashion landscape, and then reflected the current economic situation and cultural patterns.

       Last year, a sudden epidemic broke the original pace of the fashion industry. When European and American countries were still in the lockdown stage, China, which was the first to restart, became a key position for the development of fashion. No mathematics returned from overseas, and local designer brands have sprung up. With the help of fashion week, they stood under the dazzling flash and announced to the world the possibility of Chinese design. The fierce aesthetic and creative confrontation took place in this oriental fashion capital. Therefore, the importance of Shanghai Fashion Week is self-evident, and this is why we plan this special topic.

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